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We have focused on and shaped the entire living experience at Kass Towers to create a place that will inspire generations, in which people, business, culture and society can thrive.

Our team will lead the project from conception to delivery, overseeing every detail at every stage in the process. Kass Towers will be a destination with an unrivalled attention to detail, where people enjoy work, life and relaxation. We have a reputation for bringing new large-scale projects into Accra in a way that responds to the local area. The result is stunning developments that will be cherished by those who use them.

Our Mission

As you might expect of a company that began as a high-end interiors contractor, we pay strict attention. Kass towers Will ensure every space makes the most of this unique setting. Inside, interiors will feel opulent and inspired by Africa’s artisans.

Why choose us?

Our ability to bring outstanding results to our customers.

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